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Lightly salted bacon, traditionally prepared and that you can taste! Vacuum packed in slices. Origin: Belgium..
€ 20.94
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True artisanal recipe, without preservatives. Our minced meat (pork and beef) tastes delicious and you can use it as a base for spaghetti sauce, frikadelles, ... or anything else.Origin: Belgium..
€ 12.99
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Traditionally salted ham bacon prepared in our own workshop.Origin: Belgium..
€ 20.28
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Made with delicious artisanal minced meat.Sausage does not pop open in the pan during frying, so the delicious flavor remains in the sausage.Those who love sausage will find these the very best !!!Origin: Belgium..
€ 16.05
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Lightly salted and smoked bacon, small slices vacuum-packedOrigin: Belgium..
€ 20.81
Ex Tax:€ 20.81
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