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Delicious chicken fillet (breast), not sprayed with water, but from vegetable-fed chickens. You can taste that: the bite is firmer and the taste is better.Origin: Belgium/FranceHalal..
€ 17.61
Ex Tax:€ 17.61
Delicious piece of chicken butt, from chicken that was only fed vegetarian, so the meat has more bite and is juicier.Origin: Belgium..
€ 10.26
Ex Tax:€ 10.26
Delicious chicken mince, from vegetable-fed chickens.Origin: Belgium..
€ 14.58
Ex Tax:€ 14.58
+/- 1250g - € 10.32 / kgTender and full of bite! Vegetable fed animals: taste it immediately.Origin: Belgium..
€ 12.90
Ex Tax:€ 12.90
Traditionally prepared poultry mince and you can taste that!Origin: Belgium..
€ 15.74
Ex Tax:€ 15.74
Delicious, from vegetable-fed chickens: makes the meat even more tasty and with more bite.Origin: Belgium..
€ 8.34
Ex Tax:€ 8.34
+/- 140g each - € 16.15 / kgFinely rolled sausage, ideal for the barbecue. Origin: Belgium..
€ 9.04
Ex Tax:€ 9.04
+/- 150g / piece -  € 18.60 / kgBreaded pork loin with cheese and ham.Origin: Belgium..
€ 11.16
Ex Tax:€ 11.16
€ 54,76 / kg 5 weeks matured steak of White-Blue breed.Delicious taste and melts on the tongue.For gourmets! Origin: Belgium..
€ 32.86
Ex Tax:€ 32.86
Very tasty entrecôte with bone of our Belgian Blue-White breed. Very tasty in the oven or on the bbq!Origin: Belgium..
€ 33.00
Ex Tax:€ 33.00
Tasty tender piece of White-Blue meat. Fried in a pan, grilled or on the bbq... always delicious!Indicate in the comments if you want thick or thin sliced. Normal + / - 1 cm thick. Origin: Belgium..
€ 32.90
Ex Tax:€ 32.90
Juicy beef burger to make delicious sandwiches. Origin: Belgium..
€ 20.87
Ex Tax:€ 20.87
Filet pur is just about the best piece of meat the beef has to offer. It is also called beef tenderloin. A filet pur can weigh +/- 4 kg.Our filet pur comes from Belgian White-Blue cattle, which guarantees a deliciously tender and tasty piece of meat;Origin: Belgium..
€ 59.47
Ex Tax:€ 59.47
Deliciously tender. The most delicious piece of pork. Nicely cleaned.Easy to prepare: just fry it in the pan or try our cooking kit : pork tenderloin in maggi sauce...Origin: Belgium..
€ 21.75
Ex Tax:€ 21.75
Tender fillet cutlet/filet chop: tasty with seasonal vegetablesOrigin: Belgium..
€ 15.70
Ex Tax:€ 15.70
€ 26.24 / kgFlank steak: this steak has a coarse thread and is very tender, provided it is cut properly to the thread after cooking.A steak that only needs some salt and pepper!Origin: Belgium..
€ 13.12
Ex Tax:€ 13.12
€ 21.34 / kgShoulder steaks are cut from the shoulder. A tendon runs through the meat.This gives the steak its name and its typical taste and structure.Origin: Belgium..
€ 10.67
Ex Tax:€ 10.67
 € 11.60 / kgFlat rib is cut from the lap and belly of the beef.Because it is less tender, it should always be cooked or stewed.Origin: Belgium..
€ 5.80
Ex Tax:€ 5.80
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