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Tasty artisanal sausages seasoned at the ends(picture not binding)Origin: Belgium..
€ 17.07
Ex Tax:€ 17.07
Tender pieces of marinated beef of Belgian White-Blue with onion and bell pepper.(picture not binding)Origin: Belgium..
€ 25.97
Ex Tax:€ 25.97
+/- 200g each Delicious brochette made of tender pieces of marinated pork tenderloin and smoked bacon.Origin: Belgium..
€ 22.26
Ex Tax:€ 22.26
+/- 200g  / piece Juicy spiced pork cubes with onion and bell bell pepper.Origin: Belgium..
€ 18.55
Ex Tax:€ 18.55
+/- 200g / piece Mixed brochette of pork, beef and turkey with pepper and onion.Origin: Belgium..
€ 19.29
Ex Tax:€ 19.29
Very tasty entrecôte with bone of our Belgian Blue-White breed. Very tasty in the oven or on the bbq!Origin: Belgium..
€ 28.20
Ex Tax:€ 28.20
Flat rib is cut from the lap and belly of the beef.Because it is less tender, it should always be cooked or stewed.Origin: Belgium..
€ 12.61
Ex Tax:€ 12.61
A delicious and tender cutlet: children love it...Origin: Belgium..
€ 14.84
Ex Tax:€ 14.84
Delicious beef with intense flavor. For those who love tasty beef.Top quality from black and white dairy cows. Origin: Belgium..
€ 40.81
Ex Tax:€ 40.81
Very tender and delicious on the barbecue, or simply baked on the pan.Irresistible with fresh applesauce. Origin: Belgium / FranceHalal..
€ 18.55
Ex Tax:€ 18.55
Marinated bacon: a real must for the BBQ !Origin: Belgium..
€ 15.58
Ex Tax:€ 15.58
Super tender steak! Belgian White-Blue.Origin: Belgium..
€ 24.49
Ex Tax:€ 24.49
Tasty tender marinated pork chop. Delicious for the BBQ.Origin: Belgium..
€ 12.61
Ex Tax:€ 12.61
Delicious tender piece of marinated pork for the BBQ.Origin: Belgium..
€ 16.32
Ex Tax:€ 16.32
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