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€ 58.62 / package - € 19.54 / kgThe better meat package for your barbecue or with friends: 1 kg brochette deluxe, 1 kg entrecôteburger and 1 kg mergueze(photo not binding)Origin: Belgium..
€ 58.62
Ex Tax:€ 58.62
The complete pork carré consists of about 10 kg of meat including : pork tenderloin, roast, fillet cutlet, low ribs, spiringue chop and minced meatOrigin: Belgium..
€ 95.00
Ex Tax:€ 95.00
Juicy and tender crispy burger.Origin: Belgium..
€ 11.50
Ex Tax:€ 11.50
Juicy beef burger to make delicious sandwiches. +/- 8 pieces / kgOrigin: Belgium..
€ 20.78
Ex Tax:€ 20.78
Are you also curious about our beef colli?It is juicy, tender and flavorful meat.Our beef colli consists of:2 kg rumpsteak 2 kg roast beef2 kg steak II2 kg beef stew2 kg beef mince2 kg hamburgers2 kg beef olives3 kg minced pork/beef3 kg sausages (pork/beef)Origin: Belgium..
€ 380.00
Ex Tax:€ 380.00
Want to try Meat-in-the-Box but don't know where to start?Then this discovery package is definitely for you! With this package you can experience the quality and taste of our fresh meat.3 kg quality meat: 1 kg minced meat, 1 kg sausage and 1 kg rumpsteak..
€ 51.95
Ex Tax:€ 51.95
Our mince box consists of:3 kg of mixed minced meat1 kg sausages2 kg chipolata1 kg fresh meatloaf..
€ 101.65
Ex Tax:€ 101.65
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