Cooking meat for your children: prepare irresistible dishes

"How many more spoons? Can I leave the table?" These are just some of the questions you'll hear every day if you're having meals together as a family. Are your toddlers enjoying the meals you prepare? You're a lucky parent! However, most children need to gradually get used to the new flavors on offer, especially meat. How do you teach them to eat meat? Here's our advice.

A tender piece of meat

Children like to eat tender foods that are easy to chew. When they're young, it's best to avoid serving them meat, which they're likely to find too dry or rubbery. To get them used to eating meat, start by serving them meats they like and gradually introduce new types of meat to their diet. They won't be able to resist hamburgers, meatballs and sausages for long!

Buy meat cuts with different spices and marinades. This way, you can vary the pleasures for yourself and introduce new flavors to the taste buds of your tender young heads.

A final tip: cut the meat into small, chewy pieces. Young children quickly feel tired when they have to chew for long minutes before being able to swallow each mouthful.

Cooking for and with children

Have you ever tried cooking as a family? There's nothing better. What's more, your children will be more eager to eat what they've helped prepare. Why stay in the kitchen on your own when you could be making delicious meatballs together? In summer, let them turn the meat on the barbecue too. You'll turn them into real chefs, capable of preparing tasty dishes in the future!

Skewers galore

Can't get your kids to eat meat? Then get creative and present your dishes in an original way. Skewering the pieces of meat adds a fun touch to your meals. Serve with your children's favorite sauce, or cut the meat into fun shapes to encourage them to finish their plates. Mealtime has never been so much fun!

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