What you do yourself, you do better! You can find plenty of ready-made burgers, but you can also make them yourself very easily. You can experiment endlessly with unusual burger variations. Even more: with these tips, it will be a piece of cake!

Good quality minced meat

The basis of the hamburger is, of course, the minced meat. Generally beef mince is used, but chicken, pork or mixed mince are also good options. In turn, it is better not to use lean meat, because the lack of fat will make the burger dry and tough. It is precisely thanks to the fat that the burger stays nice and juicy during frying.

Making the hamburger

Allow for about 100 g of minced meat per burger. It is nice to mix an onion, some garlic, parsley and pepper through the mince, but feel free to experiment with the spices you like best! Be careful not to add salt yet, as it will draw the moisture out of the meat. Add salt just before you put the burger in the pan.

You also need an egg and some breadcrumbs. That's how you keep the mixture balanced. Is it too dry? Then add an egg. Is it too wet? Then add a little more breadcrumbs. Don't squeeze too hard to keep it fluffy. Then turn them into balls, which you flatten into burgers. Put them in the refrigerator for about an hour. That way the burgers will become firmer and won't fall apart during baking.

Frying burgers

Frying time depends, among other things, on the thickness of your burgers and the heat of your pan. If necessary, cut one in half to check that it is no longer pink inside. Resist the urge to push on the burgers while frying, as you will squeeze out all the juices.

What to put on top.

Once the burger is fried, it's time to garnish it. There are all kinds of delectable options: fresh onions, fried onion rings, fresh herbs, cheese slices, nuts, sauces, ... Also, vary the bread. How about a burger between a ciabatta or pita bread? Extra tasty if you put the bread under the grill for a while.

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