The weather is lovely, the evenings are long and your mood can't be beat. The ideal time to organize a summer party! Besides your best friends, good music and delicious meat for the barbecue, you need all kinds of other things to make your party pop. Here are our tips.
First, consider how big you want to make the party. Cozy with a few friends? Or is the whole neighborhood welcome? After all, that will determine how many seating areas you'll need, what you'll eat, how many invitations to send out, and so on.

In any case, it's a good plan to let your neighbors know you're having a party so you don't have to stop the entertainment because of noise pollution. Or better yet, just invite them along!

Appetizers, drinks and ... barbecue meat!
Of course, you also need something to satisfy the hunger and quench the thirst. You can't really go wrong with a barbecue. With about 300 - 400 grams of meat per person you will certainly have enough. And don't forget to pack some salads, sauces and bread.

Extra tip: by ordering your meat online, you save yourself a visit to the supermarket and you can fully focus on the rest of the organization!
In terms of drinks, cocktails are always a hit. Deliciously refreshing in the summer! Expect your guests to have about two drinks per hour. Buy too much rather than too little. After all, drinks don't spoil easily, so anything left over from the party you can always drink at a later time.

Atmosphere at the summer party
No party without music! It's very easy to DJ yourself these days: just browse Spotify or YouTube and put together your own playlist. Make your music not too overpowering, so your guests don't have to yell at each other and so you keep your neighbors friendly.

And furthermore, take your summer party to the next level with atmospheric lighting, decorations, a chill seating area and possibly a cool and original activity. How about a quiz or a card game to entertain your guests?

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