Grilling meat: what should you pay attention to?

There are many ways to prepare meat. Nowadays, grilling is very popular. It makes sense, because grilling meat provides a lot of flavor. Moreover, it is a very healthy way to cook your meat. Discover our tips.

Just as tasty as barbecue

Every meat lover loves barbecue, but also indoors you can, for example, give a steak, drumsticks or sausages a delicious roasted flavor. For this you can use a grill pan, but you can also grill meat in the oven or on a stone grill or contact grill.

Grilling is a form of cooking in which the meat is cooked in its own liquid or fat. Grilling meat fits perfectly into a healthy diet. Typical of grilled meat is the diamond or line pattern that makes your mouth water immediately.

Grilling meat with a grill pan

If you want to use a grill pan correctly, keep these tips in mind:

- Remove the meat from the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature.

- Don't put oil or butter in the pan, but grease your meat with it. Do you prefer to keep it "light? Then you can also omit the fat completely.

- Put the pan on high heat and let it get well hot. Want to know if it's hot enough? Splash a few drops of water on it. If the drops evaporate immediately, the pan is at temperature.

- Do not put your meat in the pan until it is hot enough.

- The cooking time depends on the thickness of your piece of meat. When the meat is no longer sticking to the pan, you can turn it.

Other ways to grill meat

No grill pan at home? Fortunately, there are other ways to grill meat:

- In the oven under the grill. Be sure to use the grill!

- At the table on a stone grill. This is very cozy and similar to fondue or gourmet.

- With a contact grill. This is an electric appliance with plates on or between which you can grill food.

- On the barbecue. The charcoal provides the typical smoke flavor.

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