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Our mission and vision

Our mission

Vlees-in-the-Box is an online shop selling mainly fresh meat. We sell to both private individuals and companies. 

Vlees-in-the-Box wants to offer its customers a wide range of high-quality products with a focus on freshness and service, delivered to their doorstep. In this way, we are ensuring that we become a permanent fixture in Belgium, where consumers can count on US for their purchases of pure products for preparing a delicious meal, and of ready-made dishes.

Our vision

Our motto is "customer is king".

On our website we present a rich assortment of fresh meat and meat preparations. With the love of the trade, Vlees-in-the-box selects daily fresh products, often seasonal.

Vlees-in-the-box is based on 3 pillars, which also contain our vision. We want to offer quality and fresh products in a customer-friendly way through good service. 

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