Summer vacation is done, so that means back to school and the return of the daily routine! Of course, we want our children to eat healthy, but the time is something lacking to put togheter an original lunchbox that surprises them. Therefore, we give you some inspiration for a lunch menu, because sandwiches are sometimes boring aren't they?


Start the week with a colorful brochette of ham, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. They love this! Plus, you can easily make other combinatiions.


To give some extra energy for the school week, butterfly pasta (farfalle) wich meatballs definitely tastes great. Here you can mix the pasta with ketchup and mayonaise, meatballs, cucumber and cherry tomatoes and possibly carrot. 


Do your kids eat in daycare? Treat them to sandwiches filled with meat salad and peach. That way they have eaten healthy and hearty food can immediately continue playing or stydiyng.


Vegetable quiche with bacon. Preparing it doesn't take long at all! The first step is to make a mixture of eggs and cream. Then you add all the vegetables (carrots, zucchini, ... of your choice) and the bacon and pour it into the puff pastry. You just need some patience with the oven (45 minutes). This is also perfect  with minced meat!


Ready very quickly! Wrap with ham or fried chicken breast and dried tomatoes.

Munch on it!