Steak frying : become a master of the cuisson with these tips

* Use a thick-bottomed pan. Adjust the size of the pan to the steak.

* Remove the steak from the refrigerator some time in advance. Pat it dry to get an even nicer crust.

* Get the pan well heated and melt the butter in the pan. Wait until the foam from the butter has dissipated before placing the steak in the pan. Use that time to season the steak.

* Let the steak cook for 1.5 minutes on high heat before turning it over. This is the only way to get a nice crust and the delicious taste of well-fried meat. Do the same on the other side for an ideal bleu fried steak.

* If you want the steak more cooked, turn down the heat after those first 3 minutes. Quietly continuing to cook prevents a dry exterior. With 1 extra minute on each side, your steak will be saignant.

* For à point or bien cuit, add another 1 or 2 minutes, respectively.

* Let the steak rest on a warm plate, loosely covered with aluminum foil, for as long as it was cooked. This allows the meat to relax and the juices to redistribute themselves over the entire piece.

source: good from us