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€ 387,80 / half pig - fully cut and processed: about 40 kg all togetherPlease note: only delivery on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and order 4 working days in advance.6 kg of minced meat (pig/beef)6 kg of sausages (pig/beef)10 kg of loin chops, fillet chops and roasts10 kg of ham, divided among roas..
€ 387.80
Ex Tax:€ 387.80
Delicious hamburgers beef for between a sandwich.+/- 8 pieces / kgOrigin: Belgium..
€ 17.81
Ex Tax:€ 17.81
Very tasty entrecôte with bone of Holstein. Very tasty in the oven or on the bbq!Origin: Belgium..
€ 32.20
Ex Tax:€ 32.20
Delicious beef with intense flavor. For those who love tasty beef.Top quality from black and white dairy cows. Origin: Belgium..
€ 24.00
Ex Tax:€ 24.00
Lamb crown is a tender piece of meat that melts away on the tongue. It leaves a delicate flavor and a hearty impression. This makes for a top-notch meal packed with thrills!Origin: BelgiumPhoto not binding..
€ 57.40
Ex Tax:€ 57.40
€ 14,50 / kgEnjoy this Italian oven dish prepared with thin pasta sheets and delicious minced meat. ..
€ 29.00
Ex Tax:€ 29.00
€ 17.40 / kgEnjoy this Italian oven dish prepared with thin pasta sheets and delicious minced meat. ..
€ 8.70
Ex Tax:€ 8.70
€17,40 / kgThere are so of those pasta dishes that you play into both summer and winter with great taste. The macaroni with ham and cheese is also at the top of the list...
€ 8.70
Ex Tax:€ 8.70
Very tender and delicious on the barbecue, or simply baked on the pan.Irresistible with fresh applesauce. Origin: Belgium / FranceHalal..
€ 18.55
Ex Tax:€ 18.55
Marinated bacon: a real must for the BBQ !Origin: Belgium..
€ 15.58
Ex Tax:€ 15.58
Super tender steak! Belgian White-Blue.Origin: Belgium..
€ 21.00
Ex Tax:€ 21.00
Tasty tender marinated pork chop. Delicious for the BBQ.Origin: Belgium..
€ 12.61
Ex Tax:€ 12.61
€ 14,50 / kgWith us you will find the tastiest creamy mashed potatoes, delicious with various meat dishes...
€ 7.25
Ex Tax:€ 7.25
+/- 200g - € 17.40 / kgTraditionally prepared meat salad with a piece of ham and pearl onions...
€ 3.48
Ex Tax:€ 3.48
Real artisan recipe, without preservatives. You can bake this meatloaf (pork/round) in a moment in the pan or in the oven. It can be eaten hot or cold.Origin: Belgium..
€ 14.84
Ex Tax:€ 14.84
Extra spicy rolled chipolata.Origin: Belgium..
€ 15.58
Ex Tax:€ 15.58
65% delicious Belgian Blue-White variety and you can taste it in this delicious beef mince.Gluten free on request: please state clearly when ordering.Origin: Belgium..
€ 16.32
Ex Tax:€ 16.32
True artisanal recipe, without preservatives. Our minced meat (pork and beef) tastes delicious and you can use it as a base for spaghetti sauce, frikadelles, ... or anything else.Origin: Belgium..
€ 13.36
Ex Tax:€ 13.36
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