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A delicious box full of goodies for 2 people!2x soup2 x main course2 x dessert2 x smoothiesA 100% veggie/vegan food concept with delicious healthy and super fresh meals.Reheating is quick and easy in the microwave.The dishes are freshly prepared daily and packaged under natural gasification which gi..
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€ 17,40 / kgHearty, delicious, heavenly, this real tagliatelle carbonara, as it should be!photo not binding..
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€ 18,84 / kg A delicious, super fresh and healthy meal!photo non binding..
€ 9.42
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If you have more than 20 cooling elements from VITB or 5 cooling bags from VITB, you can return them.Return address: Meat-in-the-Box, Regenakkerstraat 9 at 3512 StevoortWhat do you have to do?Write your name, address, phone number and e-mail address on a piece of paper and put it in the box. Also no..
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