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Delicious tender turkey roast stuffed with cooked ham and cheese.Origin: Belgium..
€ 24.50
Ex Tax:€ 24.50
€ 6.85 / package - € 17.07 / kgPackage of 4 pcs barbecue sausages (whitout bacon)  - delicious on the BBQOrigin: Belgium..
€ 6.85
Ex Tax:€ 6.85
Tender piece of beefsteak from White-Blue Belgian cows. Irresistibly delicious!Origin: Belgium..
€ 22.50
Ex Tax:€ 22.50
A pork escalope comes from the back of the pig, near the ribs.Pork escalopes are very tasty because of the edge of fat.The meat is tender and thinly sliced and therefore does not need to be fried for a long timeOrigin: Belgium..
€ 13.36
Ex Tax:€ 13.36
The leanest part of the deboned pork back is offered as fillet roast.Origin: Belgium..
€ 14.84
Ex Tax:€ 14.84
Always a must: pork stew is a delicious tender meat - Super with fries...Origin: Belgium..
€ 12.61
Ex Tax:€ 12.61
Breaded pork loin, delicious for the cold winter nights. Origin: Belgium..
€ 15.58
Ex Tax:€ 15.58
Tasty ribs with extra much meat. Delicious fried with lettuce and tomato or with a creamy carrot mash. Origin: Belgium..
€ 11.87
Ex Tax:€ 11.87
Delicious piece of roast beef, sourced from our Belgian White-Blue breed.Not to be sneezed at as a Sunday menu.Origin: Belgium..
€ 26.71
Ex Tax:€ 26.71
Tender beefsteak of white/blue breed.Origin: Belgium..
€ 24.49
Ex Tax:€ 24.49
Made with delicious artisanal minced meat.Sausage does not pop open in the pan during frying, so the delicious flavor remains in the sausage.Those who love sausage will find these the very best !!!Origin: Belgium..
€ 14.10
Ex Tax:€ 14.10
€ 28,98 / kgScampi diabolique or deviled scampi, a recipe to lick your fingers and thumbs off.Can be served with pasta or freshly baked bread...
€ 14.49
Ex Tax:€ 14.49
Finely cut pieces of pork meat, deliciously seasoned. Delicious between a sandwich and fresh vegetables.Origin: belgium..
€ 17.07
Ex Tax:€ 17.07
Tasty meat from the shoulder. Choose fresh vegetables with this classic.Ideal also for low and slow barbecue.Origin: Belgium..
€ 11.87
Ex Tax:€ 11.87
Be surprised by our freshly made daily soup!photo not binding..
€ 7.25
Ex Tax:€ 7.25
Delicious tender piece of marinated pork for the BBQ.Origin: Belgium..
€ 16.32
Ex Tax:€ 16.32
Fresh spareribs delicious for the BBQ or in the winter at stoempOrigin: Belgium..
€ 15.58
Ex Tax:€ 15.58
This delicious piece of boneless spiringue can also be used for pulled pork. The fat makes the meat nice and juicy.Origin: Belgium..
€ 12.61
Ex Tax:€ 12.61
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